Workstream Collaboration Market – What is it?

By January 5, 2018 Tech
Workstream Collaboration

In 2013, Slack emerged out of nowhere and took hold of the workstream collaboration market (WSC) and now dominates this space. But what is the WSC I hear you cry? In this article, i’ll attempt to demystify this growing market.

The Workstream Collaboration Market (WSC)

In short, the WSC is a new way for businesses to get work done in the digital age. Until this day, we still use email and face-to-face to communicate with colleagues and partners, however, in this fast paced world, sometimes those mediums can slow us down and put the brakes on moving forward. That’s why, with the advancement of technology, companies like Slack have built a solution which at its core, enables employees to chat and collaborate quickly and seamlessly across different timezones and countries simply by using instant messaging for work.

Of course you have the likes of Skype and Lync that delivered this solution – so why is Slack now leading this market? With the use of collaboration at multiple levels of an organisation, for instance, take a small medium sized etailer who perhaps has a warehouse and an office. Rather than using email or telephone to pass on goals to the frontline, you can use teams, groups, functions within this etailer to collaborate around a common goals and to get the job done. Aside from messaging, we now have voice and video calling which means you can replace face-to-face meetings with a computer and a quiet room.

However, WSC goes beyond messaging – WSC is built on a strong ecosystem of third-party apps, extensions or chatbots that enable employees to go about their daily work schedule. With the advancements of open APIs, vendors have been able to create their own integrations with Slack to make their jobs easier alongside Slack’s custom built integrations.

The workstream collaboration market is huge, which is why giants like Microsoft and Facebook are also competing to grab some of the market share. Blink is also a contender with a difference, find out how.