What Developers Say vs What They Mean

By April 26, 2017 Tech
what developers say vs what they mean

We’ve all been there! Stuck in a meeting where a developer says something quite important, and you don’t have the slightest idea what they’re talking about – look no further, because in this article i’ll share some common phrases to help you answer the coveted problem that is; what developers say vs what they mean.

Whether you’ve been in a meeting and drifted off into la la land only to be reigned back in when a developer says JSON – if your name is Jason, then you’re terribly unlucky – or in a very deep conversation with an engineer when you’re trying to understand a problem, then jargon or lexicon can be your enemy. Just like us product managers or business minded folk, we use words or phrases that only we can understand, so does our development team.

Developer speak can be extremely beneficial to learn, even if you’re not very technical, it often makes your dev team laugh when you attempt to understand them.

what developers say vs what they mean


javascript object notation, a common data structure used to store data in a named index, eg. myObject = { ‘numberOfApples’: 7 }
a.k.a code that outputs stuff easily


Means that there is a piece of code that is written in a certain language but in order for it to work in the target environment it needs to be transformed into something else by a compiler/transpiler
a.k.a transfiguration stuff


To merge/combine data together
a.k.a dirty sounding process for mixing stuff


Repository (Where your code lives in the cloud)
a.k.a area where stuff is kept with other stuff

That’s not a defect; it’s a new story.

a.k.a if it wasn’t in the acceptance criteria then it’s a change request

That’s not how dev works.

a.k.a don’t offend me be attempting to know how development actually works. Instead let me do my job and i’ll get back to you.

I absolutely can’t change how it works, it’s not possible

a.k.a it’s absolutely possible to change how it works, but I built it the way I was told so i’m not changing it now