Top 5 Gym tracks to workout to in May

By May 10, 2017 Health & Fitness
Top 5 Gym tracks to workout to in May

It’s time to discover the Top 5 Gym tracks to workout to in May, and this time you’re in for a right treat. Summer is nearly here and you’re most likely in major fat burn mode – you’ll need some music inspiration to keep you going.

Top 5 Gym tracks to workout to in May

Run Boy Run by Woodkid

If you’re a fan of high tempo and dramatic rhythm, this track by Woodkid is a must have for the playlist. With elements of tap dance and repetitive beats, this is perfect for the half way mark of your 5 mile run.

Pretty Young Thing by John Gibbons

Another high beat track to support your cardio goals, Gibbons has introduced some soulful electronic tunes to get you in the groove. I have this on repeat, a lot!

Waterfall by Stargate, Seeb, P!nk, Sia

If you’re a fan of Sia and P!nk, then look no further because they’ve teamed up to deliver this punchy tune about Waterfalls. Who would have thought waterfalls can be so upbeat huh? Put your headphones on, and sink into your own waterfall when squeezing out those last few reps.

Kamikaze by MO

If Asian inspired tones are your go-to for the early morning fasted cardio then this may be for you.

Swalla by Nicki Minaj, Jason Derulo

Finally we have a number from Nicki Minaj and Jason Derulo. WARNING: contains explicitly material. To be honest, any song that Nicki features in is bound to involve some form of explictness but take this with a pinch of salt. Its a banger.