Snap Spectacles and where to get them

By June 6, 2017 Tech
Snap Spectacles Blue

Remember Google Glass? The tech eye wear that sadly failed to launch and maintain lift off? Well, Snap Inc the parent company of Snapchat have launched Snap Spectacles – commence new wave of eyewear fads!

If you’re an avid user of Snapchat and absolutely love sharing your favourite clips as you go about your day, then these Snap Spectacles might just be the holy grail you’ve been looking for. Snap Inc the parent company of Snapchat has launched some technologically superior sunglasses dubbed Snap Spectacles. Original huh?

When I heard that the specs were launching in Europe, I just had to go and check them out. Obviously.

Currently situated at the London Eye, I was warmly greeted by the Snap staff whom all of which were sporting the new specs. The guys were more than happy to let me try the spectacles on and give them a go, so here’s my thoughts and learnings;

The glasses come with two cameras either side of each eyepiece. They allow you to upload 10 to 30 seconds worth of video footage automagically to your Snapchat account. Stored in the memories section of your app, you then have the ability to share with your audience, save, and download to your device. Great, so its just a way of sending videos to Snapchat? Wrong. This is so much more, this is sending videos to Snapchat which you’re seeing from your own eyes! The purpose of the spectacles is to provide a POV video to your audience allowing your followers to feel as though they’re in your shoes.


Snap Spectacles


For example, lets say you’re very good at skateboarding, but not good enough to hold your phone in your hand and also perform some sick moves whilst maintaining your balance and modesty. The spectacles will do that for you so you can keep your head in the game.


Of course Snap has attempted to attract users by design, because believe it of not, the glasses do look quite trendy. At first, the bright yellow circles either side of your face may off put your friends, but you’ll get used to it, I hope.Snap Bot

Coming in three main colours, Black, Coral and Teal there’s at least one colour that would appeal to you.

Where can you get a pair? Check out their website to find a Snap Bot near you. Or if you can’t travel, you can buy them online too.

Happy Snapping.