[REVIEW] SIXPAD Electrical Muscle Stimulation Training Gear

By September 13, 2017 Health & Fitness

We’ve all seen products on the market that use electrical muscle stimulation or EMS (as its referred to) for fat and weight loss, but very few position themselves as supplements to their training programme, unless you’re SIXPAD*.

I’m going to set the scene for this article so that we’re clear on the expectations throughout;

  • * SIXPAD provided me with a sample of their tool in return for my honest review.
  • I will update this article on a regular basis to show the progress SIXPAD is having on my body
  • I currently weigh 74kg and train with weights and cardio at least 6 times per week

First Impressions and Week 1


Now i’m a materialistic guy, and my favourite colour is orange, so there may be a slight level of bias on my first impressions. But, you have to admit, the Abs Fit (pictured above) is a masterpiece in visual impact and design. With its flexible silicone material and only measuring 3mm in thickness, when handled the product just feels natural and not synthetic in anyway.


Similarly, the Body Fit (pictured above) is equally as featherlike and is barely noticeable when removed from the packaging.

Unlike traditional EMS products, you don’t have a cable attached to each tool which needs to be plugged into the mains whilst you get your gear on. Instead, each product comes with an interchangeable battery compartment so you can pop the battery in and go. Portable. Tangible. You really have no excuse to use it now, am I right?

So what’s the difference between SIXPAD’s Abs Fit and Body Fit?

Abs Fit

  • Designed for the abdominal muscles
  • Has 6 wings, 1 for each ab

Body Fit

  • Designed for waist, arms and legs
  • Has two wings which conform to your body’s shape, meaning it suits all body shapes and sizes
  • Perfect for targeting those stubborn love handles

How does SIXPAD work?

I’m no scientist, nor proficient in electricity stimulation so i’ll leave that to the experts and share with you a diagram from SIXPAD’s website which explains how EMS targets our Fast-Twitch Muscle fibres. Our Fast Twitch Muscle fibres, by the way, are the muscles that make use look more defined, yet, as with most things in life they are extremely difficult to target and train in normal exercises. Instead – we tend to focus on our Slow-Twitch fibres which sadly don’t give us the desired lean adonis look.

SIXPAD on the other hand, you bet, target those Fast-Twitch bad boys. Bazinga!

SIXPAD How does it work?

First Week’s Results

Enough about the science, lets get on to the results. Now SIXPAD claim that you need to be using the products everyday for 4 – 5 weeks to see a noticeable difference, and frankly, I don’t disagree with them.

I hate to break it to you but this isn’t going to be an overnight miracle that reveals your abs, even with a low body fat percentage it will still take time. Why? It’s been proven that abs begin to show on men’s bodies when their body fat percentage is below 11%. So if you’re not yet there, you’re going to have to put in the work to get that down.

Fat loss is pretty simple, and can be looked at in a single equation; calories in vs calories out. If you consume less calories than you output you’ll lose weight, and with weight loss comes fat loss … and muscle loss, but let’s not start on that!

Simply put, you need to be training regularly and have an active lifestyle before you begin to notice any considerable changes in your appearance after using SIXPAD. But combined with fat loss goals, its a great way of developing those muscles that are lurking beneath the layers you may have above them.

Here is a before I used SIXPAD photo and a after using SIXPAD for a week photo. I’ll let you judge for yourselves if there has been a difference, what i’m really excited to discover is the changes after 4 weeks.

SIXPAD Week 1 Before PhotoSIXPAD Week 1 After Photo









P.s i’ll try to take some professional photos next time.

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