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By January 26, 2017 Tech

If you’re like me, and always on the hunt for a deal when shopping online, then Pouch may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Pouch is a pretty innovative tool that could save you money when you least expect it. Described by themselves as a free browser extension that saves you time and money. They automatically find and display the best voucher codes as you shop online.

How I found out about Pouch

I’m online more hours in a day than I am thinking about my next meal. A bit like Marmite, hate it or love it, it’s how us millennials have grown up, we’re constantly connected to a device in some form or another. As a result, I purchase most of my health & fitness goodies through the web, it’s simple, convenient, and a time saver when I need that quick protein fix.

Though, despite my stringent focus on buying things in bulk, sometimes life just doesn’t work out like that. I often find myself rushing online to buy last minute health food, or protein with scraps of change before pay day. That’s why I usually browse popular voucher code websites with hopes of landing a big £ percentage off my order. It’s a sad day when it happens, but being British, it’s in our nature to look for the best bargain. Lock me up, i’m guilty as charged.

I’m going off on a slight tangent, but I came across Pouch in my Google searches, it caught my eye among the masses of shopping voucher websites that get returned because of it’s simplicity factor, after all (and it’s what these are for) their search listing grabbed my attention immediately: “Pouch is a free browser extension that saves you time and money. We automatically find and display the best voucher codes as you shop online” and being a lover of tech, I had to try it out.

So how does it work?
Unlike traditional voucher or coupon sharing websites, Pouch is a browser extension that simply installs with click of a button. It’s pretty instant and once enabled, the tool will start serving you notifications as and when you visit your favourite sites.

For example, here’s how Pouch saved me 10% of everything at (i’ve also seen it working on Nike, Protein Works, GoNutrition, so some major health & fitness brands are lined up)

Pouch Pop Up# Visit
Pouch icon in the browser bar lights up with a notification count – immediately informing you of how many offers are available here. Sweet.
# View the offers available
Whether the offers would inform your shopping behaviour or not, it did me, I was able to choose the best offer suited to my visit. For example, I was short on money and just looking to order my gear as cheaply as possible. I may have added some extra products to my basket too, so for the retailer this is a great way for them to increase UPT (units per transaction).
# Checkout
It really is this simple, create your shopping list as you normally would and head to the basket. Once again Pouch popped up to remind me that there are offers to use – open Pouch and tap the offer you want to apply. Now this has been a bit hit and miss when i’ve used it, but I would expect tapping on the offer would automatically add and apply the code to my basket. Instead it copies to your clipboard and reveals the code for you to enter manually.

It’s not a big deal, as that’s how we normally do it, but lazy in our nature, I want the tech to do it for me.

Code applied, basket adjusted. Job done. Hello Protein.

Now I am always unbiased in my articles, so here’s some advice for the folks over at Pouch;

  • Automatically apply the code, if you can. This would save me the effort involved with pasting the code, saving me 200ms, seriously though, this could help increase the proceed to checkout rate for the retailer
  • Chrome only – the tool is only available for Chrome at the moment, this isn’t necessarily a big problem  as Google leads the market share in this space but making it accessible for all users would increase usage
  • Mobile – the extension is only available on desktop at the moment, but most users shop on mobile, find a way to get it into Mob Safari and Chrome for mobile

Overall – I don’t think I’ll use another coupon code website. Pouch have proudly reserved their space on my browser bar.

Install Pouch for free on Chrome and start saving now!