iOS 10.3 is finally released to the public

By April 3, 2017 Tech
iOS 10.3 is finally here

iOS 10.3 is here! After three long months Apple has finally released their latest operating system to iDevices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod. iOS 10.3 brings support for app developers to request reviews but there are also several other improvements bundled with this release. Let’s talk about a few of them.

iOS 10.3

A New File System
iOS 10.3 is available as a free update that can be downloaded over the air or via iTunes (if you still do that), but do spare at least up to 45minutes to an hour for the update to take place as Apple is updating the its file system. Previously all iOS devices have been running on the HFS+ file system, because believe it or not, the little phone in your pocket is actually a computer and it needs a file system. As computers age and technology improves so does the architecture that runs it – that’s why Apple is upgrading the file system to what they call Apple File System (APFS) original huh.
Verdict: After upgrading to iOS 10.3 my phone, by all appearance, seems to run a lot faster

Find My Airpods
If you invested in the Airpods when they launched last year, then hopefully you’ve not lost them in the meantime. If you have, and you were searching for hours high and low looking for the small slippery music players – then the find my airpods feature will allow you to find them much like you would find your iPhone. Perfect right?
Verdict: I don’t have Airpods, but i’ve been told this is a long awaited feature among the Airpod community

Movie Rentals
Movie rentals via iTunes have also been given an overhaul, which means users are no longer forced to watch the film on the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or PC they initially rented it on.
Verdict: Rarely do I rent movies, I like to buy them and keep them forever. With that said, I have rented once before, and yes it was annoying not being able to pick up on another device, so this will come in handy.

iCloud Settings Profile
If you’re fan of a selfie, then you’ll be pleased to see that in your Settings app you’ll now be able to see your own photo proudly sitting at the top of the screen. In a newly designed space, the iCloud section hosts all of your important Apple ID information such as name, phone numbers, email storage and all connected devices in one place. Apple is making the omni experience simpler in this change.
Verdict: Managing my Apple ID information is uncommon, but when I do need to make some adjustments it has taken me a while – with this change its simple to know where to go, first time around.