Have you had your Nutrifix yet? The new nutrition app to try

By January 23, 2017 May 22nd, 2017 Health & Fitness
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Pun intended, the Nutrifix app is designed with one intention: to make eating healthy easy – its clever technology and broad list of vendors ensures that locating the meals your body needs nearby is as simple as looking at your phone. The app is literally finding your Nutrifix!

I had the privilege of public beta testing the application during its inception phase, which meant I was able to use the tool before it launched to the wider public. Founder, Joel, has always been engrossed in the health & fitness industry since his early years – being a competitive rugby player in his past, he knew the importance of nutrition and eating the right foods for your body. I too have mentioned concepts around macronutrients and how there are different requirements for your energy levels: read my article of healthy sources of carbs you need to eat now.

Joel took this knowledge one step further and realised there was a niche for an application that can find and locate the nearest food to you, that suits your goals. Whether it be weight loss, muscle gain or maintenance the app works on activity levels and your BMR to recommend your daily calorie and macro allowance.

Nutrifix: The Review


Nutrifix Profile Nutrifix Profile 2

Your Profile
When you install the application, you’ll first be asked to set up your profile. Standard username and password is required to secure your details from prying eyes.

Upon set up you’re asked questions related to your daily and weekly lifestyle e.g. how active you are, how much you weigh, and how tall you are. Don’t fret at these questions, they’re not shown publicly to any other user, but they’re vital for the app to recommend your calorie intake. Depending on how you answer the questions, the app will use a well known formula for working out your BMR and expenditure levels, thus providing you with your recommendations.

The process is quick and easy so you’ll be using the app in no time.

Your Dashboard
I want to call it the dashboard, I guess it doesn’t really have a name, but everyday you log in the app will default to the current date. If you’ve used MyFitnessPal in the past, its a similar experience but it needs to be done – relevancy is key and the app is aligning you with the relevant day in mind.

The dashboard then shows you the calories you need to consume that day according to your goals, and the breakdown (split) of macronutrients. The app goes onefurther by then recommending how many calories per meal. As you know, you must eat breakfast, lunch and dinner – despite what you may hear in the latest fad diet, these three meals are key on any lifestyle programme.

From here you can search for meals to buy or make for each sitting. This is where it gets really cool.

Nutrifix Find Meals Nutrifix Find Meals 2

Meals to Buy
At the time of writing this post, I am actually looking for some lunch. I normally meal prep and use a nutritionally balanced beverage for this time of day – but intentionally – i’ve ‘left’ my lunch at home. Tapping on the meals to buy button, the app is automatically searching for the closest meals to your location, sorted by distance by default.

Amazingly, you can change the sorting method by these options; calories, distance, price, and as granular as macronutrients. I mean you can’t make this stuff up, if you really need more protein to fit your macros for the day, this is as simple as applying that filter.

You’re presented with a screen listing the meals you’ve refined by, the UI is simple and clear as it separates the exact macro values for a quick glance among the competitors and the calories for each meal too. Finding it will take you through to a screen with a map and the option to add to your diary. Brilliant.

Nutrifix Make Meals Nutrifix Makes Meals 2

Meals to Make
This is a new feature, which I never tested in the beta phase, so this must have been a highly requested enhancement, but you can now search for meals to make based on the same factors above. So calories and macronutrients are shown in a similar fashion, where as the button to make it will instead show you a screen with beautifully shot imagery and recipe instructions.

It’s not clear just yet where these meals come from, however, I’d guess theres a nutrition guru in the headquarters putting these together.

Personally, I feel this is a game changer. Next stop for this feature, community suggested meals.

Nutrifix Diary

As you add to your Diary
As you use the app by adding meals to your diary, the handy dashboard/diary will begin to summarise your intake for you. Shown in the screenshot below, you can see i’ve nearly eaten half my fat allowance for the day – I best stay away from the peanut butter tonight.

In all, I think the Nutrifix app is groundbreaking. There are plenty of nutrition apps, calorie counters and apps that provide diet plans but Nutrifix goes one step further, actually, takes one step away from your experience by easily allowing you to find meals your body requires.

The combination of the food diary and leverage of proximity to retailers, this reduces the effort often involved with finding a healthy replacement for your meals. Mostly when I have to head to the supermarket for some last minute food, i’m usually taken back by the amount of nutrition information and complexities involved with selecting an appropriate meal for your macros. The Nutrifix app has solved that problem.

I can’t wait to see what will be added next.

Head over to the website now to find out more and download the app!