Fitocracy Macros – the macro counting app leading 2017

By March 3, 2017 Health & Fitness
Fitocracy Macros

If you’ve read my post on How To Use Macros Or Macronutrients To Lose Weight but have no idea where to begin, then Fitocracy’s new app does the job for you. Introducing: Fitocracy Macros: a super-simple macro and calorie counter for people who want to reach their fitness goals.

We’ve covered the importance of calorie and macro counting, such as increased energy levels, less grouchiness, satiety and more… there’s so much benefit to gain from documenting what you eat. Although, it’s harder than we think to keep on top of what we eat, which is why Macros is a pretty sweet deal.

Downloadable on the iTunes App Store, the Macros app is beautifully designed, making full use of your phone’s graphics chip the app suprises and delights you with gimmicky animations and bouncy pop ups which make you awe when using it. The striking purple colour scheme is also unusual and strangely supplements my usage.

When you first install the application, you’ll be guided through some simple questions that aim to calculate your recommended macronutrient intake. Questions such as gender, age, weight and activity level albeit personal are all necessary for providing an accurate reading. Don’t fret, the information isn’t shared outside of your account, but i’m happy to show mine here.

After filling out the questions, you’re then asked to match your current body type with the images shown. This is different, i’ve not seen this before on any macro counting formula so this certainly caught my attention.

Fitocracy-Macros-1 Fitocracy-Macros-4 Fitocracy-Macros-6 Fitocracy-Macros-3

Despite launching in 2014 and not having an update since, the app continues to perform remarkably well on the latest iOS operating system iOS 10. Usually apps deprecate when new operating systems launch, requiring updates to the app so that it continues to perform well. Somehow, the makers of this app have managed to keep the experience working. Impressive to say the least, and why am I mentioning this app now, 3 years after its launch? It just works.

Moving back to the your macro targets, once you’ve filled our the questionnaire the Fitocracy Macros app will return your macro targets, detailing the difference required for training days vs rest days. We need different macros for different activity days – e.g. on a training day you’ll need more carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores.

You’re asked to agree to the terms & conditions of the app before proceeding – this is important, because advising diet goals can only be done by qualified professionals.

Once you’ve confirmed, you’re nearly there… everytime you return to the app it will ask you what type of day it is, whether that be training or rest, the app will then return a squishy looking diagram showing your allowed calorie count and respective macro counts too. To add to your diary tap the diagram and it will allow you to record your meals in an easy and intuitive way. Give Fitocracy Macros a go now!