The Citymapper Smartbus – what is it and how can I ride it?

By May 9, 2017 Tech
Citymapper Smartbus CMX1

Citymapper have done the unimaginable, they have reinvented the bus. No literally, if you live in London you can now take the Citymapper Smartbus for free!

If you’re familiar with Citymapper, you’re probably one of their many loyal users who can’t survive a commute around London without searching for directions or finding the quickest route to work without pulling out the little brainy companion in your pocket. The Citymapper app has and will continue to be one of my favourite products to talk about in interviews or presentations on good product examples because they’ve nailed the concept of human affordance  – which is the need to naturally use technology to support daily life – many cities like London are often a nightmare to navigate with the constant hustle and bustle on your morning commute, finding the quickest route to work can make or break your mood.

With intuitive transport calculations, Citymapper has been providing Londoners with the means of  getting from a to b with a little hassle as possible. You can search by route, analyse transportation methods such as train, underground, bus, walking and with integrations with third parties like Uber, the product team have really set the bar for journey mappers.

Although, they just raised the bar two-fold. Here’s why;

Citymapper Smartbus - the green bus

Introducing the Citymapper Smartbus

In coordination with TfL (Transport for London)

Buses are the most common form of transport, and London is known for its iconic double decker red buses. Although today (Tuesday 9th May 2017) and Wednesday 10th May 2017 you can hop on a bright green bus instead for free.


Citymapper love to innovate, and to innovate you need data to work with, and to collect data you need people to test a product or prototype. This is exactly what Citymapper are aiming to do with their Smartbus. According to their blog post which has more detailed information – their product team are attempting to provide better transport routes based on the data they’ve analysed by their current users. Codenamed Simcity their ultimate tool has evaluated routes in London to discover where improvements can be made to existing journeys and by creating new routes too.

Citymapper Smartbus CMX1 Route


Launching with their CMX1 route, you can get from Southwark to the West End in a loop around the River Thames – all for free. Did we mention free? They need more data of course.

Citymapper are re-inventing the bus and together hope to make cities more usable. Hop on the Citymapper Smartbus today, whilst you can. Read more here.