BBC ramps up personalisation with new homepage

By January 30, 2017 Tech
BBC Homepage 2017

BBC Homepage 1 Year Later

It has been a little just over 1 year since I analysed the changes made to the BBC’s homepage, so let’s take a look at what’s changed during that time.

When I last checked the BBC homepage, my impression was that much hadn’t changed, and rightly so, if the page is designed to be personalised for each individual,  it’s clear that I don’t have much to personalise.

Although, over the past year the BBC has grown fond of the agile methodology and the product manager mindset. I know this because, the homepage actively encourages their users to visit a blog page whereby their product managers speak openly about the developments being made to the many websites that the BBC operate. One of which, speaks of beta testing the homepage, in order for their insights team to understand how users navigate and use the homepage for their regular visits.

I decided to opt in to see whats changed.

BBC breaking newsFirstly
The breaking BBC news headlines are shown at the top of the page, given the importance of breaking events its paramount these appear above the fold on any page. They are immediately visible to the consumer and eye catching. It seems I cannot change which topics the articles shown are, but they suit the country I am in, for example, UK, England and Business. With the news, relevancy is key.

CustomisationBBC Sign In
After the BBC news headlines we’re introduced to several rows of customisable content. Identified by a universal cross icon, users can easily delete any rows they no longer want to be shown on the page. Once you do this, you’re prompted to log into the website – if you haven’t done so already – as this would allow the BBC to serve the same rules the next time you return to the site.

Along with removing rows, you also have the option to add new content. For instance, in the striking blue colour you can see I’m able to add topics around social media, football and politics. I’m not particularly interested in any of those topics, however, since I do not visit the BBC often I can only guess these are the most recommended topics. If I were to be returning regularly, and with the help of browser cookie magic, i’d imagine these topics to be related to my browsing history instead.

Sadly, i’m not seeing many other enhancements to the page – although – I have only just opted into their beta test, hopefully over the coming days i’ll begin to see various changes as I return to the page.

BBC ramps up personalisation with new homepage – 03/12/15

Personalising content for your consumer  is powerful in just about any field, but providing it for real time content is indispensable. We’ve seen it mostly in action across online retailers, such as ASOS and their recommendation feature, yet other companies prefer to track behind the scenes ready for the ‘right the moment’.


Surfacing relevant information for the news hungry customer is somewhat a different story. They’re looking for the breaking story in Sport and Showbiz rather than scanning through various pages of the red bodycon dresses that vaguely resemble your purchase history. They seek information and fast.

The BBC seems to have recognised this need and their biggest feature – of epic proportions –  to launch on their site to date, just happened. Consumers can say hello to;

  • A redesigned homepage, featuring a simple, clean and white display – reminds me a little of The White Company but it works
  • A whole new Account section (according to memory) – you can now register in a quick and easy flow
  • A last but certainly not the least, the ability to customise and personalise your homepage. Yep, that’s right. You can remove and re-select new components to go on your homepage, in its modular structure, its simply compelling

I don’t follow the news much… awkward. However, now I can customise my content from the so-called-powerhouse in news – I just might.

Bravo, whomever the product manager/owner is over at the BBC. You might just get that pay rise.

Check out some of the flows below.



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