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Workstream Collaboration Tech
January 5, 2018

Workstream Collaboration Market – What is it?

In 2013, Slack emerged out of nowhere and took hold of the workstream collaboration market (WSC) and now dominates this space. But what is the WSC I hear you cry?…
Blink - A digital workplace Tech
December 15, 2017

The Digital Workplace of 2018 – My predictions

I've always been part of a digital workplace, but over the past two years, we've seen some key players make their mark and grave in the marketplace. But employee engagement…
Blink - Workplace communication Tech
September 25, 2017

Beta Test Blink: Workplace communication tool

Get your keyboards ready, i'm recruiting beta testers for Blink: your next and final workplace communication tool. Becoming a beta tester means that you will receive early access to new…

SIXPAD EMS Training Gear Health & Fitness
September 13, 2017

[REVIEW] SIXPAD Electrical Muscle Stimulation Training Gear

We've all seen products on the market that use electrical muscle stimulation or EMS (as its referred to) for fat and weight loss, but very few position themselves as supplements to their…
Snap Spectacles Blue Tech
June 6, 2017

Snap Spectacles and where to get them

Remember Google Glass? The tech eye wear that sadly failed to launch and maintain lift off? Well, Snap Inc the parent company of Snapchat have launched Snap Spectacles - commence…
Top 5 Gym tracks to workout to in May Health & Fitness
May 10, 2017

Top 5 Gym tracks to workout to in May

It's time to discover the Top 5 Gym tracks to workout to in May, and this time you're in for a right treat. Summer is nearly here and you're most…
Citymapper Smartbus CMX1 Tech
May 9, 2017

The Citymapper Smartbus – what is it and how can I ride it?

Citymapper have done the unimaginable, they have reinvented the bus. No literally, if you live in London you can now take the Citymapper Smartbus for free! If you're familiar with Citymapper,…
What does interval training improve (HIIT) high intensity interval training Health & Fitness
May 3, 2017

What does interval training improve? 3 key reasons why you should do HIIT

Bodybuilders and serious athletes alike have known for sometime the benefits of high intensity interval training - HIIT for short. So you may be wondering why you should start doing…
From Idea To Product Agile
April 28, 2017

From Idea To Product – 3 rules to follow

New products are launching in their masses each month. Yet many of which fail quickly or don't quite get the attention they deserve because the process of going from idea…
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